RegCure Review - Paretologic RegCure a Registry Cleaner Scam?

RegCure Review - Paretologic RegCure a Registry Cleaner Scam?

RegCure is a registry cleaner developed by an international software developing company called Paretologic Inc, based in Canada. Regcure detects and removes all windows registry errors that are present in your computer. RegCure is not just limited to registry cleaning and error detecting. Think of it as your computer's personal swiss army knife against registry and file corruption. Try the free trial before purchasing RegCure, as it will help you decide whether RegCure can really help your computer run much for efficiently. 

RegCure Overview

RegCure is a simple and uncomplicated registry cleaner software, which has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, for any computer user. Regcure doesn't have many confusing features (unlike many of its competitors), but this has been done to keep the cleaner as effective as possible. The design of the cleaner might be very basic, but the scanning engine and search capability it has is unrivaled; allowing you to quickly find the most registry errors on your system.

Regcure Ease of Use

RegCure downloads with a single click, and installs with about three more clicks. The installation takes no longer than five minutes; and, when you click "finish," RegCure opens automatically for its first full scan and fix. The main screen clearly show your options-tabs and simple words; no tricky icons and not too many choices. RegCure measures up with the cleanest and neatest programs anywhere on the market.


By now you should have already have discovered that RegCure scans comprehensively and repairs completely. No other program works any better or any faster than RegCure. Beyond the specifications, however, you need and want two salient features-automatic back-up and system restore, and automatic scheduling. You want and need to protect your system against failure during cleaning, and you want to perform your routine maintenance when you are not using your PC. RegCure provides both of these features in very easy-to-use formats.

RegCure Testing Results

There are so many choices to be had that it can get a little confusing as to which registry cleaner will do the job over and over again, remain the best and most efficient. The winner in this case is RegCure , because Paretologic is the leading registry cleaner company out there and RegCure has been around for many years, will be so for many more years and it has been improved upon many times via free updates.

Part of the review, some tests were ran using RegCure 2010, to see just how effective it is at removing registry errors and what sort of performance gain would there would be if any after the software ran and completed the scan. The test machine is a basic Intel CPU computer running Windows XP that has never had a registry cleaner installed or run.

RegCure scanned through the whole system and found an assorted array of registry errors: Font entries, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, ActiveX Entries, Windows Startup Items, Program Shortcuts, Uninstall Entries, Shared DLL's, Help Files Information, and File Associations.

Conclusion and a Look at RegCure Customer Support

Try RegCure's customer support; it will rank with the best. Paretologic don't ignore customer support by any means, hearing from them can be from as little as a few minutes during working hours via email or instantly via their direct telephone support line.

RegCure remains among the least expensive registry cleaner software on the market, yet it delivers all the features and functions and then some, above the rest of the competition.

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